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Kitchenaid Mandoline Slicer Blades

The kitchenaid 4-pack slicer blades come with a new, exclusive model: the mandoline slicer blades. These stainless steel blades are designed to keep your slicer in top condition and keep your slicer's blade clean. They also have a new, black mandoline silicer set branding.

Best Kitchenaid Mandoline Slicer Blades

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Kitchenaid Mandoline Slicer Blades Ebay

This kitchenaid professional mandolin slicer has 2 additional blades that make it easier to slicer vegetables. The storage box is also a great feature because it can hold a lot of produce. The slicer blade & holder is also a great feature to make it easier to use. this kitchenaid mandoline slicer blade is made of durable plastic and has a black color. It has a large size of 10" by 10" and a low price of $ share. This kitchenaid mandoline slicer blade is perfect for those who want toazy cook. the kitchenaid mandoline slicer blade set is a great way to improve your slicing skills? the blade set allows you to adjust the blade? s height and speed, so you can produce delicious food with ease. this kitchenaid 2-in-1 slicer blade set includes a foldable stand that reduces juice and commercials while you work, as well as a single cutter that slices through chops, steaks, and burgers. The all-black material makes this tool easy to keep looking good no matter what you're cooking. The stand and cutter are both dishwasher-safe so you can your favorite recipes without having toetimate.